How to File a Health Insurance Claim

If you’ve got health insurance then you know that filing a claim is a critical step in your health insurance process. If you don’t have health care insurance, and are unfamiliar with what filing a claim means, don’t be intimidated. Filing a health insurance claim can have a lot of steps involved in it, but is not particularly hard to understand. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and in some cases filing a health insurance claim can be difficult, complicated, and above all frustrating.

When you have health insurance, many times you go to the doctor or medical facility and they file it for you. Or, you’re simply told what your co-pay is going to be – if there’s one at all – you pay it and that’s all there is. Other times, however, you have to file your own claim with your health insurance company. When that happens, you need to show your health insurance company your receipt. Make sure that it is itemized. Chances are it will be, but if it’s not you could be in for a hassle.

You also need to get the proper claims form from your health insurance company. Many times these forms are included in your health insurance welcome brochure, along with all kinds of different information. If it’s not, there’s probably a good chance you can find the proper claims form on your health insurance provider’s website.

Once you’ve got the right form, all you have to do is fill it out and submit it to your insurance company, along with the receipt for the bill in question.

Filing a health insurance claim is supposed to be easy – but sometimes it’s not. Before you fill out a claim, feel free to call your health insurance provider and ask them any questions you might have. It’s their job to explain how it all works.

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