Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Best Jokes about Health Care Reform

Youve heard plenty of doctors say that laughter is the best medicine next to that whole apple a day theory that is. Well, what better than to laugh at health to improve your health?

There have been plenty of jokes going around about health care reform since President Barack Obama suggested it as his goal. So to keep you laughing until you get your hands on some affordable health insurance, lets look at some of the best jokes out there about the health bill.

Warning: If youre easily offended or just plain uptight, you may want to back away now!

Funny Video for Health Care Reform

This video hilariously looked at why it was a bad idea to support health care reform well, sort of.

Snipe at Health Insurance Companies

This funny comic strip looks at why President Obama fought to have health insurance companies maintain coverage when a patient gets sick.

Healthcare Comic

12 Days of ObamaCare

This is a funny look at why Obamas proposed health care reform was a bad idea. Whats even funnier is listening to the woman try to catch her breath as she sings.

The Skeptic and the Frog

Even the Princess was skeptical about just what health care reform could do for the masses.

Medicare for All Maybe Not

This funny clip promoted adding Medicare for everyone in the health care bill. You have to hope this isnt how Congress really feels about us peasants err Americans.

Nancy Pelosi Health Exercise Video

Okay, this one doesnt have much to do with health care reform, but you may have lost a few pounds from exercise or laughter by the end of the video.

Health Care Reform Deficits a Big Deal

Worried about the deficits that we may suffer as a result of health care reform? Youre not alone


Homer Simpson Discusses Americas Health Care System

Thanks to Homer, Marge and the rest of America wished it could go anywhere but the United States and Paraguay for its health insurance.

Thanks to Health Care Reform, Ordering a Pizza Will Never be the Same

If youre worried about the Big Brother element of government-run health care, this hilarious video about ordering pizza may just strike a nerve or funny bone.

The Fight to Pass Health Care Reform

Republican Congress members made it clear that they were not going to allow any health insurance bill to pass that they didnt approve of without a fight. Heres a little proof of that…

Jokes, Jokes and More Late-Night Jokes

If you liked hearing the late night jokes that made their rounds after President Obama signed health care reform into law, youll love this clips of funny jokes for and against reform from the late night kings.

Jon Stewart Slams Insurance Companies Still Looking For Loopholes

In this hilarious video, Jon Stewart takes a stab at the health insurance companies looking for loopholes to deny coverage to children after the health insurance bill passed.

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