Best Ways to Save on Health Insurance: Lead a Low-Risk Lifestyle

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Did you know that leading a low-risk lifestyle is one of the best ways to save on health insurance? If you didn’t know, now you do! There are tons of ways to cut your costs when it comes to coverage, but simply making a few lifestyle changes can actually take you a long way.

What is Considered a Low-Risk Lifestyle?

There are a number of examples of what is considered a low-risk lifestyle. The good news is that in the eyes of the insurance company, you are more easily insurable if you reduce or eliminate one or both of these behaviors:

  • Smoking. Did you know that smoker pay rates that are often twice as much as non-smokers? This is because smoking is the leading cause of cancer and is also known to cause of emphysema. As a result, if you quit smoking, you have taken advantage of one of the ways to save on health insurance.
  • BMI. Your Body Mass Index, or BMI, is viewed as another risk by insurance companies. If yours is too high for your height and sex, you will see a hike in your rate. The good news is that if you lose even five pounds, you will see a drop in your BMI. So if you lose enough to put you at a healthy weight, you will not only see a drop on the scale, but also in your coverage rate.


There are a number of other ways to save on health insurance, but this one way can help you improve your health and lower your coverage costs. So if you don’t already lead a low-risk lifestyle, now is the time to kick it into gear with a new way of living!

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