Managed Care Insurance: Self Employed

The American emphasis on individualism and independence is nowhere more manifest than in the lifestyle of today’s self-employed worker. For many self-employed workers, they are their own bosses. They work at home or on site, and often set their own hours and the amount of work they want to take on at any given time. Those are the benefits to self-employment: freedom and control. The downsides to self-employment can be scary at times, however. Work can be inconsistent, and there are no employer-offered benefits. By extension, that means that self-employed workers are responsible for their own health care, seeing as they’re not getting it from any company that they contract with.

Managed Care Basics

If you’re self-employed, and you’re not getting health care insurance from a spouse or domestic partner, you have to pay for it on your own. You could skip out on health insurance, but if you come down with a major illness you’re going to be in an extremely difficult financial position. So it makes a lot of sense to get it. When you go out looking for health insurance quotes, you’re going to find that your most affordable options are going to be through managed car insurance plans. These plans are offered by such typical managed care insurance providers as PPOs, HMOs and POS. With each of these kinds of managed care providers, there are health insurance options tailored specifically to self-employed workers and even their families.

Self-employed workers need to do their homework before they commit to a managed care insurance plan. If you’re self-employed, therefore, it is in your best interests to consult with a managed care insurance expert who can walk you through your options.