Best Ways to Save on Health Care Resource Center

Health care is getting more expensive each year, and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. That does not mean that you should stop trying to save on health insurance costs however. Below you’ll find some helpful articles on how you can save on your health insurance spending.

Health Insurance Savings Articles

Save on Prescription Drugs
Learn more about how you can save on RX medicine

  • Prescription saving options

Using the School Insurance Option
Explore school insurance, as often their programs are cheaper and very comprehensive

  • Group rates
  • Necessary insurance coverage

Avoiding High Risk Activities
Try to avoid these behaviors in order to lower your overall health care expenses

  • Low risk members
  • Limiting risk

Avoiding Brand Name Drugs
Learn more about using generics to save up on your medicine costs

  • Brand name vs. generic
  • Asking for generic prescriptions

Improving Your Health
Being more healthy is a great way to save on health care

  • Company wellness initiatives
  • Reducing doctor visits
  • Free immunizations

Leading Low-Risk Lifestyles
Avoiding dangerous activities can actually save you money

  • What is considered a low-risk lifestyle?

Using Preventative Care
Preventative care is there for a reason – use it and your wallet will thank you

  • What is preventative care?
  • Preventative care disputes

Cobra and HSA’s
For those without traditional health insurance, these options will work wonders

  • What is cobra?
  • Saving with cobra
  • HSA’s

Health Savings Accounts
This is a great way to save on your annual health costs if you know how to budget in advance

  • HSA basics
  • HSA issues

Examining Your Needs
Assess your real health insurance needs so that you’re not paying for excess care you don’t need

  • Physical health needs
  • Mental health needs
  • Save with an HMO

10 Best Health Savings Tips
This is a list of the 10 best health savings tips that you can employ if you aren’t already