Senate Democrats Concerned with Health Care Bill

Concerns have been raised by Senate Democrats who believe that the proposed health care bill may place excessive burdens on some families. They also feel thatthe plan, which is set to be introduced by Senate FinanceCommittee Chairman, MaxBaucus, on Wednesday may costa bit too much for the health care industry; since it is said to require financing of around $880 billion.

A few specifics of the proposed bill include:

  • Individuals will be required to purchase health insurance
  • Thoseon the lower end of the income ladderwill receive government assistance to purchase it
  • New taxes would be imposed on “gold-plated” health policies
  • Access to Medicaid would be widened

One complaint of this proposed bill is that it would ask working Americans to commit as much as 13% of their income just to purchase basic insurance. With the coverage being so unaffordable, Democrats want another option proposed to help make it easier for middle-class families to purchase it.

Another concern from Democratics is that some taxes and fees would be imposed on various facets of the health care industry to cover excessive costs. However, Baucus insists that the costs associated with the new bill will be much less expensive than originally expected.

Baucus is expected to holda conference call as soon as Tuesday to discuss his legislation with the National Governors Association’s health-care task force.

As the new bill seems to reach finalization stages, are you finding yourself concerned with howtaking onmandatory health insurance coveragecould affect your day-to-day expenses?