Thousands of Americans Protest Health Insurance Execs in D.C.

On Tuesday, thousands of religious leaders, labor unions and individuals got together to protest health insurance executives. To express their displeasure, they marched in Washington, D.C. at the Ritz Carlton where the heads of many health insurance companies got together to discuss ways to continue increasing their profits.

Americans Fed Up with Health Insurance

In the wake of the White House confronting health insurance executives about the recent increases in health insurance premiums, many Americans felt it was their turn to express a similar sentiment. So with the help of Health Care for America Now, they were able to march for what they believed in: affordable health insurance.

Many of the protesters wore buttons with the face of Melanie Shouse, a woman whorecently from breast cancer. As a victim of the health care system, she was a small business owner who could only afford “catastrophic” insurance and put off seeing her doctor because visits were not covered.

This is just one of many stories told during the protest and one of many reasons that Americans feel a change needs to come and fast.

Will Health Care Reform Come Fast Enough?

There is no doubt that health insurance companies are playing a large role in why Americans are not receiving the quality care they deserve. Insurance premiums are simply unaffordable, meaning that most will forgo paying the premiums and therefore take chances on their health like Shouse.

The new health care reform presented by President Barack Obama is supposed to be the answer to unreasonable hikes in premiums. However, with the constant fights in Congress over what will work, no major steps have been taken to pass the reform.

With so many going without health insurance, all that we can hope is that changes will be made soon. Because it looks as though health insurance companies are looking to raise rates ahead of reform, leaving millions more in danger of going without proper health care.