Today’s News: Health Benefits for Federal Same-Sex Partners, Flood Insurance to Cover Oil Damage and Countdown to Prop 17

President Barack Obama recently announced that he would extend health insurance and other benefits to same-sex partners of federal workers, flood insurance companies say that they will be able to cover damage to buildings affected by oil damage and California residents are counting down to ballot day when they will then vote on Prop 17, which could significantly change auto insurance rates for them.

Health Benefits Extended to Same-Sex Partners of Federal Workers

President Barack Obama announced recently he would be extending a wider range of benefits to the same-sex partners of eligible federal workers. These benefits include medical treatment via health insurance, relocation assistance, credit union options and fitness centers.

The original set of benefits only included long-term care insurance along with a few other fringe benefits. According to the Office of Personnel Management, health insurance and other new benefits will become offered to same-sex partners next month. (Washington Post)

Flood Insurance to Cover Oil Damage

The Louisiana Insurance Commissioner recently announced homeowners who carry flood insurance will be covered if they have damage to their homes as a result of oil water from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. However, Commissioner Jim Donelon noted that flood insurance would only cover structural damage to homes or businesses, not ground contamination. He is asking Louisiana’s Congress to move quickly in adding a provision to flood policies so that ground contamination will be covered since it is also not covered in home insurance policies either. (NOLA)

The Time to Vote on Prop 17 is Almost Here

On Tuesday, June 8, California residents will have an opportunity to vote on Prop 17, also known as the Continuous Coverage Auto Insurance Discount Act.

While Campaign for Consumer Rights, a campaign affiliate of Consumer Watchdog, has been vigorously fighting the act, Mercury Insurance has been backing the bill. In fact, the troubled auto insurance company has poured $17 million into advertisements to help promote the legislation. If the act passes, drivers will receive major auto insurance discounts for remaining insured while those who don’t will be penalized. (Examiner)