WebMD Launches New Affordable Care Act Information Centers


As open enrollment draws near for individuals taking part in health insurance offered through the Affordable Care Act, it becomes exceedingly important that consumers know exactly what will be available to them. WebMD is making an effort to clear up any confusion by launching new health care information centers that offer all of the details consumers may need.

Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Begins in October

Like health plans offered through employers, the Affordable Care Act is making its Essential Health Benefits (EHB) packages available to the public on October 1 via state-based health insurance exchanges.

With fewer than two months to spare, many consumers must now begin making decisions to choose the appropriate health plans for their families.

Similar to purchasing health coverage from employers, consumers will have several plans to choose from, including POS, PPO and HMO options. The options will be incorporated into four separate packages that will be divided up by coverage availability and cost.

The four packages are labeled Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with Bronze offering the least comprehensive coverage and lowest cost and Platinum offering the most comprehensive coverage and highest cost.

Consumers may also have access to health insurance subsidies that could lower the cost of the coverage by thousands for individuals and families with income less than 400 percent of the federal poverty line (about $46,000 for an individuals and $94,000 for a family of four in 2013).

WebMD to Offer Live Chats on Affordable Care Act

Once criticism of the Affordable Care Act and its EHB packages is the lack of clarity offered to consumers who will be required to purchase coverage if they don’t already carry their own health insurance.

WebMD is one of many establishments making an attempt to provide clarity for the complicated law and health insurance plans.

The new health care information centers are expected to offer details of the law to both consumers and doctors in the form of live chats with experts, health insurance cost and insurance subsidy calculators and state resources for health exchanges.

The information centers will also offer a 24-hour daily feature where users can pose questions and receive answers from peers and experts.

To learn more about the information centers, visit the WebMD website.

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