What Are Health Insurance Claims?

When you file a health insurance claim, you are seeking payment of services rendered on your behalf by a doctor or medical facility. Let’s say you wake up one morning and notice a lump in your arm. You have health insurance, so rather than hoping it will just go away because you’re afraid of how much it will cost to have it looked at, you can do the smart thing and go visit your doctor to have it examined. Your doctor decides to perform a biopsy and do some blood tests while she’s at it. All told, the bill for your visit comes to $1,000. Normally, your doctor’s office will submit the health insurance claim to your insurance provider, and you don’t have to do a thing. Sometimes, however, you have to pay upfront and then get reimbursed. When you file a health insurance claim with your health insurance provider, you are seeking to be reimbursed for the money you laid out.

When it comes to health insurance claims, there’s a lot of processes on how to properly file a health insurance claim, and this will differ from health insurance provider to health insurance provider. To understand how your health insurance claim process works, be sure to consult with a representative of your health insurance provider.

Protecting yourself is one of the most basic instincts you act on. One thing you should do to protect yourself, if you haven’t yet, is getting health insurance. With health insurance, you are protecting your health and your life itself by ensuring that you will have access to affordable health care – health care that you will absolutely need should you become sick or gravely injured. What’s more, if you have a family of growing children, you will need to get them health insurance too. One critical aspect of the health insurance process is the filing of a health insurance claim.