White House Simplifies Health Insurance Application Process with Shortened Form

Affordable Care ActAs the Obama administration readies itself to accept millions of Americans into its sizable health care plan, it continues to work out the kinks. One of the biggest issues it has faced recently was its 21-page health insurance application that consumers criticized for being too long and complicated. With so few fully understanding the new Affordable Care Act as it is, the administration took a huge step this week by introducing a newly-shortened form.

Obama Administration Shortens Health Insurance Application

It’s been tough for President Barack Obama to convince the masses that the new health reform law is a good move for the nation. Part of the reason for his struggles is the complex nature of the law itself.

Some Americans are clueless as to how they will be covered under the plan; whether they will be required to keep their employer’s health insurance coverage, purchase private coverage through a health insurance exchange or acquire insurance through Medicaid.

The administration attempted to answer some of these questions via its 21-page draft application, but as a senior administration official told FOX News, Americans provided feedback that the form was just too long and complicated for most to understand, running the risk of deterring the uninsured from applying for coverage.

In response to the feedback, the administration introduced a three-page short form for single insurance applications that is said to be less cumbersome. This form falls far below the length of the average private insurance form, which is nearly 17 pages long.

Understanding the New Affordable Care Act

Despite shortening the health insurance application form, the White House has an uphill battle when it comes to helping the masses understand the Affordable Care Act. In order to find out which coverage they qualify for and whether they are eligible for government assistance, applicants will be required to provide detailed information about their income levels.

A number of health insurance options will be available, including plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The government has already shared that instant tax credits will be available to some to help pay for premiums, but all details won’t be revealed until individuals begin enrolling on Oct. 1, 2013.

The Affordable Care Act, if successful, is expected to bring 30 million new people into the health care pool. To learn more about the basics of the law, visit the Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight website.

(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)