Who Benefits from Indemnity Health Insurance?

Affording medical insurance of any type should be the number one priority in a person’s budget. Although it may seem painful paying thousands of dollars a year while you feel as though you are in top condition, it could be devastating without coverage. Those without health insurance risk having a higher average mortality rate than their insured counterparts, but they are also risking bankruptcy if a medical emergency arises. It is a known fact that the cost of medical treatment is extremely costly and having appropriate health care coverage will help mitigate the financial risk you are placing on yourself. Depending on your personal preference, you may benefit from indemnity health insurance.

Indemnity Basics

Indemnity health insurance is also referred to asa traditional health insurance plan. With an indemnity health insurance plan, you can benefit by having a whole range of health care practitioners at your disposal as you will not be locked into a service network system for your medical care. With this type of policy, you can pick and choose the health care professional you feel most comfortable with.

Policy Needs

If you travel extensively for either business or pleasure, you are in the position to benefit from indemnity health insurance. For example, say you moved from New York to California and opted for indemnity health insurance. Even though you live 3000 miles away, if you loved the dermatologist who made an early diagnosis of your skin cancer and thus saved your life, an indemnity health insurance policy will still pay for your care under that doctor.

You can also benefit from indemnity health insurance if you have an accident in any other state that is not your own. Consider if you plan on taking a cross country adventure. If you eat a meal that results in food poisoning, you can go to any hospital or visit the closest doctor and know that a portion of your expenses will either apply to the deductible or will be offset by the coinsurance.