Allstate Offers Steps for Filing Flood Claims

Allstate Insurance has recently released steps to take when filing flood insurance claims. With the recent extension of the National Flood Insurance Program, this is a good time to get up to speed with what happens if you need to make a flood insurance claim.

Why Flood Insurance Is Important

While many homeowners and renters don’t purchase flood insurance unless they’re required to by FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), it can be a financial life saver if your home is taken over by flood waters. The damage and repair costs can easily reach into the thousands and if you don’t have the money to pay out of pocket, you could quickly find yourself in an overwhelmingly difficult situation.

It’s for this reason that Allstate Insurance is recommending that you strongly consider purchasing flood insurance. And once you make that purchase, know the proper steps to submit a claim.

Steps for Filing a Claim from Allstate and NFIP

Here are some steps for filing a claim from Allstate Insurance and NFIP:

  • Gather relevant policy numbers. Make sure that you have all of your policy information ready so that your insurer knows what property to make a claim for.
  • Call your agent or company: Contact your insurer to let them know that you will specifically need to file a National Flood Insurance Program claim.
  • Set up appointment for adjustor visit: Set up a time to have an adjustor visit your home so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Give correct contact info: Make sure your agent knows how to contact you if you’ve been displaced from your home.
  • Take pictures of the damage: You’ll need tons of pictures of the damage to your home, as well as swatch or sample of damaged items if local officials require disposal.
  • Separate damaged items: Damaged goods should be separated from undamaged items, preferably from outside the home.
  • Notify creditors: If your bills or lost or you’re unable to pay, make sure to contact your creditors immediately.
  • Call your utility company: If your home is uninhabitable or destroyed, contact your utility company and ask them to stop billing.
  • Inventory your home: Make sure to make a list of lost items so that when the adjustor arrives, you’ll be able to speed up the claim process.

Following these steps can speed up your claim flood insurance filing process, no matter what insurance company you work with. So take time to review the steps in the event that you’re home is hit with damaging flood waters.