California Pit Bull Owners Lose Homeowners Insurance Coverage for Their Pets

Pitbull AttacksPit Bull owners who have homeowners insurance in California may face losing a portion of their coverage, according to a recent report from CBS-13 in San Francisco. Farmers Insurance is expected to make changes to its policies so that specific dog breeds will no longer be covered. This could create huge problems for owners, particularly if their pets bite someone in the home.

Farmers Insurance Drops Pit Bulls from Policies

Farmers Insurance customers throughout the state of California who own Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and wolf hybrids won’t be covered under their homeowners insurance policies in the near future.

While overall coverage won’t halt, pets will no longer be insured in the event of Pit Bull attacks or other aggressive and injuring acts occurring on the property. Pet owners of these flagged breeds could face major out-of-pocket expenses, if they don’t find another insurer.

CBS-13 contacted two Sacramento-area Farmers Insurance agents who both confirmed that the change would be taking place. Neither gave a reason for the change, but did note that Farmers is not the first insurance company to avoid Pit Bulls and similar breeds.

The change may be due to the high risk of Rottweiler and Pit Bull attacks, with both breeds being two of the riskiest dogs to own when it comes to dog bites, according to Forbes. Additional statistics show that dog bites account for one-third of all homeowners insurance claims.

If the likelihood of an injury from certain dog breeds is high enough, it is not uncommon for insurers to want to avoid the inevitability of paying a claim.

Alternatives for Homeowners Insurance Customers Losing Coverage

So if you are a policyholder of Farmers Insurance or another insurer, and have learned that your pet is no longer covered under your homeowners insurance policy, what can you do? Many policyholders simply opt to go with a different insurance company.

Before making the switch, it’s important to not only ask if your specific pet will be covered, but alert the company that you do own a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, wolf hybrid or other similar breed pet. If the company finds out down the line that you own a potentially dangerous pet, you may face home insurance cancellation.

Another option to consider is buying individual dog liability insurance. A handful of companies specialize in offering policies or riders designed to cover dog bites or injuries from pets that may be deemed dangerous by homeowners insurance companies.

Once you insure your pet, keep the risk of filing a homeowners insurance claim low by learning how to prevent potential Rottweiler and Pit Bull attacks and bites. The more you do to ensure your pet is safe when in the presence of others, the less likely your insurer will drop a portion or all of your coverage.

(Image: mccoy77)