Citizens to Raise Rates for Florida Homeowners

Homeowners in Florida’s hurricane-prone Volusia and Flagler counties with home insurance from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation have been put on notice that they need to get their roofs repaired and or updated or else they will see their wind-only home insurance policies canceled. Roofs that are too old won’t make the cut, and homeowners will need to have their roofs inspected or show proof of a new roof if they want to keep their wind-only home insurance policies.

Citizen Property has notified home owners with wind-only home insurance twice in the past year that they needed to either upgrade their roofs or show proof of compliance. There is significant concern among many local insurance specialists that homeowners will put off compliance until the last minute, or worse, forget about the notifications altogether. Were this to happen, home owners with this home insurance policy could find themselves in real trouble should a hurricane come through and cause major damage to their property. Hurricanes are a very big deal in Florida, and this is especially true for home owners who have so much at stake in their homes. If their home insurance policy didn’t cover a destroyed or damaged roof because they failed to get it updated, home owners in this unfortunate position could be looking at paying thousands and thousands of dollars out of their own pockets in order to get the repairs done.

Citizens is making this new roof-status confirmation mandatory for homes that are 25 years old and over. All mobile homes are required to show proof of roofs being up to code as well.

When it comes to protecting a home, clearly, the roof is going to be one of the most important components in that defense. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize there’s anything wrong with their roof until there’s a leak. By that time damage can be much more extensive. If you’re a resident of Florida’s Volusia or Flagler counties, and you get your home insurance through Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, make sure you’re in compliance with the new requirements before it’s too late.

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