Do I Need Fire Insurance?

In a tough recession, it’s often difficult to determine when and where to spend your money, especially when it comes to purchases like fire insurance. But if you’ve ever been in a predicament where a fire occurred in your home and you had no coverage to speak of,the answer to whether you should purchase this insuranceis quite simple: absolutely, positively, yes!

Accidents are by nature impossible to predict. Of course, there are always precautionary measures to take heed to, but when it comes to the accidents that can bring about a fire, most times you just can’t know that it will happen until it’s too late. This is why many suggest that you go ahead and acquire fire insurance to protect your home. This way, you don’t have to worry about financial struggles in addition to the property damage you could potentially suffer in a fire.

So aside from the obvious reason that you might need fire insurance (accidents), what are some others?

  • If you live in hot and dry climates like Nevada or Arizona, or areas known for brush fires like California.
  • If you or someone in your home isa cigarette smoker.
  • If you run a lot of electrical appliances/devices that require the use of a lot of energy and numerous outlets.

Because fire insurance not only allows you to pay for the repairs or rebuilding ofyour structure after a fire, butvery oftenprovides you with money to stay in temporary housing until your house is ready, it’s definitely worth the expense. You may not be able to protect your family from the pain and devastation a fire can cause, but with fire insurance, you can at least take the necessary steps to rebuild your lives.