Documenting for Home Insurance Claims

Documenting for home insurance claims is critical. If you’re a home owner, then you need to make sure you’ve got all the paper work you need in order to file a claim properly, quickly and expeditiously. Getting your home repaired in a timely fashion will be critical in so many ways, especially if you are forced to vacate your home during the repair process. Having the proper documentation required for the prompt processing of your home insurance claim is plain old common sense.

Preparing for Your Home Insurance Claim

As part of your home insurance documentation, the first order of business has nothing to do with filing or saving, and everything to do with understanding. Read your home insurance policy very carefully, from start to finish. This document will spell out what you’re entitled to and when you’re entitled to it, and what is excluded. Additionally, keep all receipts pertaining to the objects covered by your home insurance policy. This would include such things as clothes, furniture, appliances and other electronic equipment (such as televisions), jewelry and other sundry possessions that you keep in your home.

Methods of Documenting for Your Claim

Proper and effective documentation would also include videotaping your home and the possessions in it. Nothing is more effective than pure visual “proof” of the condition of your home and the things in it. If a fire starts in your kitchen and sweeps through the downstairs area before being extinguished, and you have a thorough visual representation of what it was like before the fire, then there will be a far lower risk of any problems encountered with your home insurance claim. If they estimate that your stainless-steel stove was less than you think, you’ll have strong support in your dispute.

Documenting for home insurance claims is just common sense. If you think that a piece of paper might be needed at some later date, keep it. And be sure to keep your documentation somewhere safe, like a bank safety deposit box. For more ideas on documenting for home insurance claims, be sure to consult with a representative of your home insurance provider.