FEMA Aid Not Offered to Flooded Texas Homeowners

While flood insurance was a requirement for some Texas homeowners, they didn’t know and now are suffering the consequences after being flooded and later refused aid by FEMA. Flash floods from tropical storm Hermine pushed through areas of North Texas, requiring daring rescues and leaving many in its path flooded, but unfortunately, those without flood insurance won’t get the help they need to repair damage.

Homeowners Unaware of Flood Maps

Dozens of families were wiped out by flooding and looked to FEMA to help them rebuild, but FEMA representatives quickly let them know that they would not be receiving help.

Gov. Rick Perry requested assistance to help pay for damages in the area, whether homeowners were insured or not. However, the government agency determined the damage was not severe enough to be declared a disaster–or require Federal assistance–even though the September storm affected 13 counties and killed eight people.

This means the families that did not have flood insurance are left to figure out how to pay for damage on their own. What’s worse, some families in Arlington in particular were unaware that their properties were in a flood zone and required coverage. If they had known, they may have purchased it before the floods even occurred.

Educate Yourself on Flood Insurance and Maps

The homeowners who had no idea that they were in a high-risk area are now suffering from a lack of assistance from the federal government. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, educate yourself on the significance of floodplain maps and what flood insurance covers so that you don’t find yourself in the same position as these unlucky homeowners.

While they are struggling, the Arlington community is considering its own buyout program for properties in flood-prone areas. This would mean millions would go into buying and bulldozing nearly two dozen homes. If this occurred, the families in need may get the help they deserve.

Don’t leave your own circumstance up to chance. Learn more about maps and insurance to make sure you’re protected if a flood damages your property.