Are Water Pipes Covered by Your Home Insurance?

burst water pipe home insurance

Winter has descended on America once again, plunging much of the nation into bitter cold. Freezing temperatures are not at all uncommon – in some places it may even seem like they’re the norm – and along with them comes all kinds of problems for home owners. One of the most common complications of cold weather is bursting, broken water pipes, and home owners need to be absolutely certain that their home insurance covers the resulting damages.

Bursting Pipes are Costly

In a nutshell, your home’s plumbing system contains water in it at all times. It’s there to be used when you need it. When the temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below, the water freezes. When water freezes it expands, and the pipes that hold it burst and crack because they don’t have the necessary space to contain it. Later, the temperature goes above 32 degrees and the ice reverts to water – which then comes spilling out into your home. This can result in serious water damage, even if the crack is a tiny one. Water streaming into your living room, for example, could destroy your brand-new HDTV, your furniture, and precious heirlooms. Water damage is in the top five of all home insurance claims, and bursting pipes are a big part of it. The problem is particularly acute for owners of older homes.

Recommendations for Protecting your Pipes

There are plenty of things a home owner can do to protect their most precious investment from water damage resulting from burst pipes:

  • Wrap your pipes to make sure the water they carry stays unfrozen
  • Turn off your water when you are away on a trip and know that it is not being used
  • Get a good home insurance policy to cover you so you don’t have to worry about it

Wrapping pipes in special material and turning off the water when going away overnight are just two tactics to be employed, but nothing protects your home like good, affordable home insurance.

To make sure your home is protected, consult with your home insurance provider about the details of your home insurance policy. If you’re not, explore buying an optional rider to get the coverage you need.