Geography’s Affect on Home Insurance

mudslide home insurance

Do you like living on the edge? If living in a beach front property on the East Coast, in California or even Hawaii, you might as well be as each one of those areas are known as “danger zones,” and purchasing affordable home insurance options may seem nearly impossible.

Several years ago a huge mudslide washed out many Laguna Hills, California homes. Although Allstate made good on the original contracts and paid the policy holders in full, they then opted to excise their right to “non-renewal” and did not let anyone in that area either renew or purchase a new policy from them.

If you think living in Hawaii is a bit like living in paradise, it can be. The “Rainbow State” is truly glorious, but its roots trace back to lava being spewed from volcanoes. There are still many active volcanoes in the area, and if you live near a “lava zone,” chances are that if you can indeed find a provider to offer you a policy, the cost will be much higher than originally anticipated.

It is not only the West Coast that is falling victim to the lack of affordable home insurance coverage, it’s a trend occurring across the nation. If you have a beautiful beach front property in the Hamptons, your biggest risk is flooding. Finding an insurance provider that will offer you affordable flood coverage of your personal “Grey Gardens” will be challenging whether you are seeking coverage in New York, Florida, Alabama or coastal Texas.

The United States is a mixed bag of weather, terrain and danger zones. Before shopping for home insurance, it is important that you know as much about your new prospective neighborhood as possible. Otherwise what should have been the best decision you ever made can evolve into a lifetime of regrets and sorrow.