Today’s News: Health Care Overhaul Receives High Marks, Louisianans Don’t Fully Understand Flood Insurance and Young Drivers Make Insurance Claims Most

The health care overhaul has received some high marks from a surprising party, a study found that Louisiana residents don’t fully understand home insurance and new data has revealed that young drivers have the highest frequency of claims.

Health Care Overhaul Receives High Marks

Democrats and even some Republicans have given President Barack Obama high marks for the way his been able to carry out the new health care law. A new poll suggests that many people are very pleased with the way he’s pushed for health insurance and executed it, especially within the law’s first 100 days of being signed. Since May, favorable reviews have increased; however, since there are still months and years to go, views could change. Most say the November elections will be the real indicator of how the masses feel (NY Times).

Louisianans Don’t Fully Understand Flood Insurance

The Insurance Information Institute recently released a study revealing that people in Louisiana — homeowners in the epicenter of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction — are less likely than others around the country to understand that a home insurance policy doesn’t cover flooding. Specifically, 16 percent of Louisiana homeowners mistakenly believe that a homeowners policy covers flooding, having no idea that a flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program is how floods are covered (NOLA).

Young Drivers Make Insurance Claims Most

A report from the Highway Loss Data Institute revealed that drivers ages 16-19 have the highest frequency of auto insurance claims, as well as the highest average loss per claim. The types of claims this age group has the highest claims for include collision, property damage liability and bodily injury coverage. On the other end of the spectrum are 30-59 year olds who have three times fewer average claims than the teenage group. However, the drivers with the fewest auto insurance claims, according to the study, are those over the age of 70 due to their increased concern about their own driving skills (Auto Quote Now).