Home Inspection: Why You Need One After Bad Weather

home inspections

The prospect of getting a home inspection is never a fun one. Everyone knows they come at a cost, and even more costs could quickly incur if theres actually something wrong with the house. But as we all know, home inspections are important in ensuring a familys safety, which is why theyre always recommended before purchasing a home.

However, some experts have now started suggestion that homeowners get inspections after a bad storm to ensure that serious weather, including winter damage, hasnt resulted in something much worse. If youve recently suffered a bad storm, its good to consider a home inspection in the near future. This way, if there was damage, you can make the most of any home insurance claims you must file.

What are the Benefits of Home Inspections?

If youve been wondering whether there are true benefits to home inspections, lets take a look at what you can gain from having a professional look over your home:

  • Some damage may be hiding in the open: While you may look over your home and think you see everything that may need to be worked on, its often hard to tell without having an expert explore the same areas. By bring in an expert eye, you may learn that more is going on with your home than you thought.
  • You dont want problems down the line: You may see a small crack that you think is no big deal; however, an expert might know that the location of the crack could spell tons of trouble later. By having an inspector look at your home, he may be able to give you tips to help you avoid problems later.

Of course, no one is excited about the idea of having their home inspected. But its important to do before buying a home, and in many cases, after a big storm.

Why Inspections Can Help after Bad Weather

As mentioned in the previous section, some bad weather like blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes or hurricanes can literally rock your home off of its foundation. However, it could look like not much damage occurred at all, which is not a good thing for you or your family.

Of course, your first mind is to make an insurance claim after storm damage. This is a great idea because it will make sure that any damage you had will be quickly covered by your insurance company. However, if you take the extra step to get your home inspected after documenting the damage and contacting your company, you have a professional in your corner to back your claim.

Think about it. The last thing that an insurance company wants to do is pay out a lot of money to a homeowner. Theyre in the business of making money, not spending it. So unless you have the backing up a professional, you may receive home insurance quotes for your claim that are much less than what you deserve.

Since an inspector costs money, its good to check around first before committing to one. But whatever you do, dont ignore how seriously damaged your home could be after bad weather. You may not think its the best idea for you, but always remember its very possible that you do need a home inspection under this circumstance.