Home Insurance Companies Refusing to Cover Disheveled and Dirty Roofs

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A growing trend in underwriting seeks to mitigate the cost of home insurance claims for roof damage by limiting coverage or refusing to renew insurance policies on older roofs. Although home insurance companies aren’t going after higher home insurance rates, homeowners will pay in other ways.

Those with a 20-year-old roof or older could be stuck replacing it, before an insurers will provide insurance coverage on the home.

Roof Cleaning and Age Affecting Insurance Coverage

Most homeowners don’t realize that a roof isn’t designed to last more than 15 years. Add to that short life span, the rampant problems with quality control in the roofing industry and the nature of construction components exposed to weather, and homeowners can get caught in a situation where their homes fail insurance inspections because of decaying, outdated or dirty roofs.

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Failing to perform roof cleaning for mold and damage prevention has also resulted in the threat of coverage cancellation by insurance companies, as KJRH news station in Tulsa, Okla. reports.

The issue of increasing claims costs from roofing damage has been a hot-button topic for home insurance companies for the past year, which means homeowners need to be aware of how they may be affected by this high-level scrutiny.

Home Insurance Companies Charging Higher Deductibles

Historically, when home insurance companies seek to reduce costs on coverage, they do so by increasing the costs to homeowners, and the issue of roof damage isn’t any different.

According to Claims Journal, insurance companies are taking four main approaches to this problem:

  • Limiting coverage to Actual Cash Value (ACV) instead of Replacement Cost for older roofs.
  • Limiting coverage to ACV on all roofs.
  • Using holdbacks on replacement cost roof claims to be certain the homeowner uses the money to replace the roof.
  • Instituting separate deductibles for roof damage.

Given that a roof can cost about $15,000 to replace, homeowners will need to plan their finances carefully to ensure they plan for regular roof cleaning services, and can afford to replace their roofs every 15 to 20 years.

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