Making Home Insurance Claims after Storm Damage

Individuals who suffer damage to their homes after a storm are urged to contact their insurers right away. Why is this the case? Because depending on the amount of damage your home sustains, you will likely be placedas a higher priority.Thesooner you start the home insurance claims process, the sooner you will be able to receive your claim settlement.

Tips for Filing Your Property Insurance Claims

If you are in a situation where your home has been damaged and you are ready to file a claim with your insurance company, here are some tips to make the process flow smoother:

  • Call immediately. As soon as you have surveyed your home and determined what has been damaged, it’s important that you contact your agent right away. Your agent will then report the loss immediately to the insurance company.
  • Be prepared to describe damage. Before you even contact your insurer, it’s best to be prepared to provide a description of any damage.
  • Take pictures. To help enhance the investigation during the claims process, it’s good to havetangible evidenceof the damage via photos.
  • Prepare a detailed inventory. Along with being prepared to describe the damage, it’s important to list all of thespecifics of thedamaged or destroyed personal property, including the dates of purchase, cost at the time of the purchase, and estimated replacement cost. Afterward, you want to make more than one copy of your list.
  • Make temporary repairs on your own. You may have to wait some time before receiving a check, so in the meantime, you want to make repairs such as covering broken windows and repairing walls and the roof.Don’t forget tosave your receipts for supplies and and materials so that the company can reimburse you.
  • Obtain detailed estimate for permanent repairs. Once you have a reliable contractor come by to survey the damage, supply the estimate (including proposed repairs, repair costs and replacement prices)to your adjuster.

The faster you work to file your home insurance claim – as well as follow the above tips – the sooner you will be able to restore your home back to normal and regain some of your peace of mind.

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