My Safe Florida Home Program Comes to an End

It’s no secret that Florida has been having some problems coming up with emergency funds for potential hurricane victims, and as a result a useful program has come to an end. The “My Safe Florida Home” program, which started in 2006 to help Florida residents prepare their homes for hurricane seasons will not be able to maintain finances beyond June 30th.

What is My Safe Florida Home?
After Florida was battered by eight hurricanes between 2004 and 2005, former Gov. Jeb Bush and other leaders came up with a way to prepare for future storms. The idea was to come up with a program that could prevent the amount of damage they saw in the previous years. As a result, they pulled together a budget of $250 million dollars for the following preventative measures:

  • Free home inspections.
  • House upgrades to withstand hurricane winds.

Why Did the Program End?
After three years of continuous assistance, the program is coming to an end. The reason falls in the laps of lawmakers who said they simply cannot justify creating the budget this year after suffering a $6 billion budget shortfall overall. The money that is available has to be dedicated to public schools and health care.

Are There Any Alternatives?
While there are no approvedalternatives to this massive program, the state is still providing free inspections and sending out grant money to residents until the budgetbecomes unusable in July. There is expected to be around $33 million in leftover funds at the program’s end, which will be moved back into the state’s general-revenue fund.

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