Unexpected Insurance Coverage

Not all surprises are pleasant, especially when it comes to what your homeowners insurance may or may not cover. The fact is that we live in an extremely complicated and unpredictable world, where curious situations occur. The good news is that when the inconceivable happens, you may actually be in for some good fortune thanks to your homeowners insurance.

Most homeowner’s policy is based on “open-perils” terms (policies that cover anything but listed exclusions). Unless your contracted insurance policy states otherwise, you may get the perk of financial assistance for some of the most unusual insurance coverage including:

Bizarre Water Damage

Chances are that if a pipe bursts or heavy rains flood your home, you will be at the mercy of the National Flood Insurance program or from any additional flood insurance coverage you may have purchased.

However, if you are “lucky” enough to have water damage due to an aquarium breaking or from a leaky water-bed, you may actually stand a chance of getting a settlement for your losses.

Eyjafjallajökull Effect

The most recent example of damage caused by ash and lava came courtesy of the active volcano in Iceland. If a bluff blows it’s top in your own backyard, your standard homeowner’s policy may actually help you out at no additional charge. The exception is in Hawaii as there is a state volcano insurance plan that homeowners need to buy.

Jumanji Stampede

Fans of the 1995 fantasy film may recall that various animal stampedes that were part of the Jumanji board game. Chances are, no such magic will happen in your home, however if there is a wild animal stampede caused by critters that you do not personally own or keep, you may get a financial break from your insurance provider.


The follow up to Jumanji was the space adventure, Zathura. Meteors, comets and space debris all came hurling down from the sky. If this wacky act of God scenario should happen to you, your insurance coverage may help.

Pepe le Pew

Unfortunately, skunks are not as suave and debonair as the famous Warner Brothers character. In reality, the critters discharge a foul scent as a defense mechanism.

If this happens in your home, check with your insurance provider, as they may have to pay to help you out.

Murder, She Wrote

Thousands of people are murdered each year, and generally the crime scenes are messes. If this unfortunate event happens in your home and there is huge damage caused by both the struggle and from bodily fluids, financial relief may be looming around the corner.

Typically home insurance will protect both your dwelling and property from loss that occurs from fire or theft. Only your insurance issuer will know the full range of unusual insurance coverage your standard policy may offer. Luckily, the odds of any of the noteworthy disasters occurring are very slim.

Do you have a tale of your insurer paying out for an unusual claim? If so, please don’t keep it to yourself. Feel free to share your story with the GoInsuranceRates.com community, as we would love to hear from you!