What Does Fire Insurance Cover?

If you’ve thought about obtaining fire insurance at some point, you may have hesitated because you didn’t know what it covered, but now’s the time to learn. When it comes to any type of insurance coverage, it’s important to learn just how it can help to protect you financially from damages you could incur. So let’s take a look at just what a fire insurance policy could cover at your home.

  • Repairs or Rebuilding
    If lightening strikes your home, or you’ve left the pot on the stove too long and it starts an accidental fire that causes damage or even results in your entire house burning down, fire insurance has you covered. Most fire insurance policies make sure to pay for the cost of damages associated with such accidental fires.
  • Temporary Housing
    If during the time your home is being repaired or rebuilt, you need to stay in temporary housing, fire insurance will usually cover this. Many times, smoke is too much to bear and can’t be inhaled until certain items are replaced. So having the temporary housing option comes in handy for many victims.
  • Clean-Up Assistance
    It may be that your home didn’t suffer a great deal of damage after a fire; however, it’s been left quite messy. Some policies help its policy holders by offering clean-up assistance.

It’s great to know that in addition to your standard homeowner’s policy, you can acquire fire insurance to cover specific damages from an accidental fire. So if you don’t already carry this important coverage, now’s the time to learn more about how you can get covered today.