What Does Home Insurance Cover Besides Property?

If you’re a home owner then you need home insurance. A home is just far too important and expensive an asset to let go unprotected. When you get home insurance, however, you’re not just protecting the actual structure of your home, you’re protecting everything in it as well. While some things are priceless – photo albums, mementos and other items you’ve got strong sentimental attachments to – the worth of others can be quantified. The objects within your home are covered by home insurance, as are other scenarios. Read on to learn more about what home insurance covers besides property.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance covers damage to the fundamental structure of your home. It also covers objects inside it that are also damaged in the event of a disaster. In order to ensure that these objects are properly covered, do an inventory of them and keep that inventory somewhere safe. A bank safety deposit box is a good idea.

Home Liability Coverage

Home insurance also covers liability. This is clearly one of home insurance’s most important aspects because if you’re like most people, you will have plenty of company over to visit. If this is the case, and something happens to a guest and it turns out you’re responsible for what happened to them — e.g., they fall and are injured, and the injuries require expensive medical treatment — then home insurance will cover these costs (minus your deductible).

You can also look forward to getting reimbursed by your home insurance provider for expenses incurred while repairing your damaged home. If your home is damaged by a hurricane, for example, and you need to find alternate lodging while it’s being repaired, your home insurance policy will cover these costs.

Modifying Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance can also be modified with all kinds of different supplemental policies. Older homes may require special coverage, and not all policies will cover earthquake damage. If you live in Southern California, for example, you’ll need to get separate earthquake insurance separate from your basic home insurance policy.

To learn more about what home insurance covers besides property, home insurance, liability, and other insurance topics, be sure to consult with an industry professional and compare home insurance types.