Who Can File a Home Insurance Claim?

Filing a home insurance claim is something that’s done by a homeowner with a home insurance policy. In the event that there’s an accident on your property, resulting in an injury, or if a storm does significant damage to your home, you the owner of the home insurance policy would be the person to file the claim with your home insurance company. Many homeowners are married couples, and both husbands and wives will be co-signers on their home insurance policy. In that case, either the husband or the wife would be able to file a home insurance claim when needed. Additionally, some people may delegate all their management responsibilities to a third party – a family lawyer, or property manager in the apartment complex that they own, for example – by adding his or her name to the insurance policy.

Submitting a Home Insurance Claim

People who have insured their homes with a home insurance policy can submit a claim when their home is damaged by a storm, for example, or when some sort of accident has occurred on their property, and they could be held liable. For example, you may have an older tree on your property. In the event of a very strong wind storm, it could topple over – right into your neighbor’s garage. If that were to happen, you would need to file a claim with your home insurance provider because you will more than likely be held responsible for the damages to your neighbor’s garage. So in this sense, anyone with a home insurance policy who has a legitimate reason to can file a claim with their home insurance provider.

Reasons to File a Home Insurance Claim

Legitimate reasons to file a home insurance claim primarily revolve around property damage and liability. In terms of property damage, it’s important to remember that most insurance policies will not cover such “acts of God” as floods and earthquakes. For those two examples, you would most likely need to buy supplemental flood and or earthquake insurance. This will be especially true if you live in a region with a known history of either natural disaster.

Home insurance and filing claims against your home insurance policy can be complicated and confusing affairs. Before you commit to a policy, be sure to consult with a home insurance expert who can advise you on what to do and what to not do.