Liberty Mutual Targets Elderly Drivers in a Good Way

It is an unfortunate fact of life that as you age, you hand-eye coordination and response time is often affected and makes driving more difficult and dangerous. To build empathy for the reality of aging, Liberty Mutual has just launched an online flash-based video game called”Driver Seat Game.” The game is designed to mimic the affects of aging on driving and as a way to encourage open dialog between children and their aging parents.It demonstrates just how hard it is to drive at an older age.

The launch of this educational tool is part of a promotion withITNAmerica. ITNAmerica is a national, non-profit organization specializing in providing transportation for the elderly at a nominal cost. By combining the efforts of Liberty Mutual and ITNAmerica, the ultimate goal is to get seniors off the road in an appropriate time frame.

Those who are aging but still maintain road skills and quick reflexes, coverage with Liberty Mutual insurance rates is just a click away.

If you’re an elderly driver with a spotless driving record and a passion for the open road, Go Insurance Rates could help you find the best auto insurance rates for your needs. Please check back with us often as rates change daily.