AD&D Insurance: How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth? (Infographic)

Some people are a bit more accident prone than others, which might be why Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance exists. As an add-on to a traditional health or life insurance policy, AD&D insurance pays out to the beneficiary if you die or lose a body part in an accident. The point is to insure you and your family against a significant loss of income if you were no longer able to perform your job to your fullest ability as a result of injury or death.

While some celebrities have the ability to insure the specific body part that generates their income, most people must buy an all-inclusive policy with a pay out that depends on what they lose. In addition to a full pay out for dying, here’s what you’d receive from an AD&D insurance policy depending on the body part lost. You might also be interested to find out how much a human body is really worth.

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How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth?

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