FAQ: Can I Withdraw from a Permanent Insurance Policy?

There are many ways to plan for your retirement, and one way to do it that also covers your life insurance needs is by taking out a permanent life insurance policy, which you can withdraw cash from once it builds a cash value. Permanent life insurance is a cash-value form of life insurance because all the money you put into it builds up and you can access it when you want to, or not touch it and let it all go to your permanent life insurance beneficiaries.

Retirement Benefits

It’s critical that we put money aside for our retirement, because when we stop working we stop collecting income, and that could really be a problem if there’s no money around to replace it. If you decide to get permanent life insurance, you will be setting money aside for your retirement every time you make a premium payment. The money that you pay every month is set aside and earns interest, or it can be invested in the stock market, for example. When you want to access that money, you can withdraw cash from your permanent life insurance policy. By contrast, if you choose to get term life insurance, you don’t get any money back at the end. Like car insurance, you are simply paying for risk avoidance, and when your term life insurance comes to an end, everyone just walks away from the table with no further ties.

Double Check Cash Withdrawal Options

With permanent life insurance, you are putting money aside that is put to work for you through earning interest. You can withdraw this cash when you retire, or you can withdraw it whenever you need to. Bear in mind that permanent life insurance stipulations will vary from issuer to issuer, so be sure to check the fine print before you sign anything. You don’t want to make any mistakes when it comes to your financial future.

To learn more about withdrawing cash from a permanent life insurance policy, permanent life insurance, term life insurance, or any other aspect of life insurance, be sure to consult with a life insurance professional.