Dubai Unveils Impressive Life Insurance Plans

If you want life insurance that will take care of your family as well as a few of your neighbors and relatives, you might consider moving to Dubai. We have already become aware in recent years of all of the incredible advancements the country has made in real estate, hotels and even island creations.Now it appears thatsome lucky residents will also benefit from high-level life insurance coverage.

Both Dubai Insurance Company and William Russell (a family-run insurance company) have unveiled their May 2009 Global Life insurance plans for residents of GCC countries. They are primarily meant to benefit high-earning expatriates and local nationals.

But here’s the kicker. As a part of the new plans, customers will be able to insure people for up to 20 times the amount they are salaried. This will include commissions and regular bonus payments. In sum, the maximum benefit customers will be able to receive is $1.5 million.

These impressive premiums have been increased by 15% for the Global Life and Global Income Protection Plans. Additionally, the payment terms have been reduced for five years. Now, Global Life is available at a minimum of $27 per month. And the Global Income Protection plan is $27.

Spending only a little bit each month for an incredible payout is something American citizens might benefit from. With a million-plus guarantee, there’s no doubt that more people might target their extra income into life insurance policies.

Although it will be very difficult to find any life insurance programs in the United States that can match Dubai’s offer, there are still very comprehensive plans that will protect your family in the event something should happen to you. Visit Go Insurance Rates often for the best life insurance rates available online.