Today’s News: States Implementing High-Risk Programs, Gen Y Knows Life Insurance and Esurance Offers New iPhone App

Many states are getting ready to implement high-risk health insurance programs, Generation Yers are showing that they know more about life insurance than one would think and Esurance is making  a new iPhone application available.

States Implementing High-Risk Programs

This summer, many new programs will be implemented to offer high-risk health insurance to individuals with pre-existing conditions who have not been able to acquire coverage to date. States like South Carolina have already begun implementing this bridge program that is set to stay in service until states are required to create health insurance exchanges that will provide affordable insurance to everyone in 2014. Since the deadline to either expand existing high-risk pools or create new ones was July 1, many states are already accepting new patients (Columbia Free Times).

Gen Y Knows Life Insurance

Many assume that individuals born between 1979 and 1994, also known as Generation Y, don’t have enough experience and wisdom to make the hard decisions in life. But they were able to prove everyone wrong via a recent survey conducted by Prudential. In the survey, 68 percent of Gen Yers said that they intend to buy or add life insurance coverage within the next three years. The survey also discovered that this generation feels that life insurers don’t target them for purchases and hope that more purchase coverage despite this fact in the near future (Market Watch).

Esurance Offers New iPhone App

Many auto insurance companies have caught up with modern technology and developed their own Android and iPhone apps to make their insurance products more widely available and their services more accessible to customers. Esurance is the latest auto insurer to unveil its iPhone application available for free in Apple’s App Store. The Esurance mobile app offers features that are available to both customers and shoppers, including ID card access, quote estimates, coverage details, the ability to make payments and even an repair monitoring feature. The app will make features available 24/7 to enhance the experience (PR Newswire).