Getting a Life Insurance Denial Letter is Pretty Common

It is more common than you think for a beneficiary to get a denial letter after filing a life insurance claim. That’s at least according to a new press release from Pennsylvania life insurance law firm, Lassen Law Firm, that explains that life insurance companies regularly deny claims – and for a lot of simple reasons.

Why Your Life Insurance Claim Could be Denied

We often think that once we purchase a life insurance policy, all of our family’s problems are solved. They won’t have to worry about money once we’re gone and we can rest easy knowing everything will be taken care of after obtaining life coverage.

However, this is not necessarily true. According to Lassen Law Firm, life insurance companies can deny claims for something as simple as “having a misspelling in the name of the deceased.” The idea for the company is to hold on to its money, says the law firm. In order to do this, it often comes up with ways to prove there was a misrepresentation on the original policy – or even that medical history is inaccurate.

What to Do If You’re Denied

If you’ve found that your company has denied you coverage, the law firm suggests that you contact a lawyer you trust to help you investigate whether or not the claim was legitimately denied. There’s a chance that the company could be using terminology you don’t understand to confuse or intimidate you into avoiding any further investigation into the denial. Don’t let this stop you from pursing what’s rightfully yours.

But the best way to ensure the process moves smoothly is to have the policyholder check over the policy thoroughly to make sure that all information is perfectly accurate shortly after checking life insurance rates and obtaining coverage. This way, the beneficiary won’t have any problems filing the claim later down the line.