Valentines Prefer Life Insurance as Gifts This Year

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many significant others will be happy to know that nearly one in four Americans would be happy to receive life insurance astheir gift this year. This is according to the LIFE Organization that recently published the results of its study, which was a part of its “Insure Your Love” promotion.

Why Life Insurance?

According to the specifics of the survey, the participants -particularly women – said they would be happy to receive life insurance policies from theirsignificant others, mainly because they prefer men who are “smart and financially responsible.”

This is great news for the guys out there who are looking for ways to please their Valentine this year and want to remain financially responsible. However, don’t forget to purchase some roses or candy along with that insurance.

Why Everyone Should Have Life Insurance

In addition to getting on your significant other’s good side, there are other great reasons to purchase life insurance this year:

  • Final expenses are covered: A life policy provides families with the necessary funding to cover final expenses, which include funerals, burials, debts, estate taxes and more.
  • Future expenses taken care of: If the loved one who passes away was also the sole or primary breadwinner, a life policy can provide the family with money to pay bills and more for years to come.
  • Retirement savings: If you purchase a permanent insurance policy, you could have some of your premium payments set aside for retirement reserves that you can pull out and spend.

But before you dive in and purchase a policy, it’s important that you understand the types of life insurance policies out there. This way, you can make the most informed decision for you and your family. Life insurance rates are extremely affordable for many people, especially depending on the type of coverage you want.