Variable Life Insurance: Longest Term Limit

With a variable life insurance policy, members can either experience great gains or rewards or actually suffer significant losses. With a variable policy, the policyholder opts into a type of insurance that pays death benefits and provides an investment strategy. The policyholder will experience gains and losses depending on market conditions due to the investment component.

Policy Limits

If you are opting into a variable life insurance policy, you should probably consider committing for the long run as you will be able to build cash value by your funding monthly premiums as well as endure the ups and downs of the market. The longest variable life limit is up to the discretion of the holder, and can range from anywhere from 30 years to 55 years of investing.

Who Qualifies?

Because a portion of almost every premium payment is invested, variable life insurance policies are some of the most costly types of insurance plans out there. Anyone aged 0-99 can opt into a variable life life insurance policy, however the later of life you choose this coverage, the more money it will cost you. That is because the premiums will remain level throughout the terms of the policy and if you choose to sign up for a variable life insurance policy at an earlier age, you will have more time to make the payments and each payment will be smaller in the process.

If you are considering to choose the longest variable life insurance policy limit, you need to thoroughly investigate all your finances to ensure that this is the best decision for you. The policy comes with both financial risks and a high price tag, and those factors need to be considered in your calculations and planning.