Nationwide Insurance and Tavis Smiley Team Up to Help You Plan!

Nationwide Insurance recently co-sponsored a survey with Tavis Smiley that showed that African-Americans in the D.C. area have no specific long-term financial plans despite having a strong interest in their future. Unfortunately, this is a trend that is occurring across the nation, and D.C. residents are more than likely to have afinancial advisor or plan.

In direct response to the outcome, Nationwide Insurance has teamed efforts with T.V. personality Smiley to assist those who long to get a grip on their future with theOn Your Side Tour. The tour will take them to four different cities where they will be providing complimentaryfree financial and retirement planning workshops that will provide those in need with the information required to properly plan for major expenses like sending their children to college or buying a home.

The hopes of the Nationwide Insurance and Tavis Smiley tour is to reverse the trend that was demonstrated in D.C., as the survey indicatedthat about two in three black residents do not have a written financial plan, and four of every five do not have a financial advisor as they think it is cost-prohibitive. With affordable options like Nationwide Insurance rates and the free informative tour, the team is going to prove otherwise.