Nationwide Insurance Specialty Coverage

Who doesn’t love summer? Extra hours of daylight, tons of sunshine and several holiday weekends provide extra time for lounging and playing. Some people may want to spend all the extra time on the water, and others may want to cruise on land, and depending on the toys you have, ensuring you have the proper insurance company can make all the difference. Nationwide Insurance is one of the great providers offering specialty coverage.

Boating can be great fun! By covering your water vehicle with Nationwide insurance rates, you can find coverage forspeedboats, motorboats or pleasure boats. In some cases, smaller boats are covered by homeowners insurance against liability and damage, however that is not always the case and a separate policy may be needed.

Another toy that often gets gassed to go for summer fun is an all terrain vehicle (ATV). As a new favorite, coverage of ATV’s are generally not covered by existing homeowners insurance policies, but Nationwide Insurance can also help fans of those powerful vehicles get the coverage they need.Regardless of the toys you use to have fun, making sure you are properly covered is a very wise idea.