Progressive Casualty Insurance Company History

For more than 70 years, ProgressiveCasualty Insurance Company has been striving to live up to its name. Started by two lawyers in 1937 as an investment opportunity, Progressive has had a steady stream of growth. The evolution of the company hatched from Progressive focusing on providing insurance coverage for high-risk drivers, but now everyone stands a fair shake at becoming part of the Progressive family.

Progressive’s business strategy has always seemed to be at challenging the norm in auto insurance to allow more people to get covered with accessible Progressive insurance rates. The company was the first to allow their policyholders to make installment payments towards their total premium. They are pioneers in the insurance industry, as evidenced with the 1994 introduction of theImmediate ResponseVehicle (the IRV is a dedicated vehicle that visits accident sites to help with the claims process), and recently with the launch of the “Name Your Own Price” program for auto insurance.