Progressive MyRate Program Series: How the Program Works

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The Progressive MyRate program is specifically designed for safe or occasional drivers, and addresses why they should be paying lower rates than drivers who are more risky to insure as well as those who commute more frequently.

Progressive MyRate Basics

Once a policyholder selects the MyRate program and agrees to the terms and conditions, they are provided with a tracking kit that includes a sensor. The sensory device then gets plugged into the OBD-II port in your vehicle, and your driving habits are monitored and the information is evaluated to see if you qualify for savings. Progressive encourages participants to drive as they normally would without the tracking device. Additionally, after the information has been uploaded, MyRate members can immediately track their projected renewal rate by logging in directly to Progressive’s website.

MyRate Sensor Monitoring Points

The sensor included with the tracking device monitors several points to evaluate your overall driving performance, including:

  • Car speed driven
  • Time of day the car is in use
  • Whether the device is connected or disconnected from the vehicle
  • The car’s VIN number
  • Number of miles driven per trip and in total
  • And rates of acceleration and braking

Privacy Concerns

There is no GPS feature on the hardware as Progressive is not really interested in where the person is driving the vehicle, just how they are doing it.

The MyRate sensor can only be installed on cars that were manufactured after 1996. The on-board diagnostics (OBD) port was not a mandatory feature for car manufacturers prior to that year.

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