Progressive MyRate Program Series: Pay-As-You-Drive

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The Progressive MyRate program is designed to reward drivers who practice safe driving habits, as it monitors driver activity and rewards them with low car insurance rates for safe driving and low mileage use.

MyRate Benefits

For years, Progressive has been known as a forerunner in usage-based insurance coverage. The MyRate program is the latest innovation from the idea. It works by having a device from Progressive installed into your vehicle, and based on the amount of miles you drive, the time of day you use the vehicle and the speed and braking you do, you may be entitled to a discount of anywhere from 5%-40% off your car insurance premium. The safest drivers who do not use their vehicles often can benefit most from this program.

The MyRate program is currently available to consumers in a total of 15 states, with Texas being the latest addition to the roster. According to Progressive spokesperson Susan Rouser, the company is actively pursuing a state by state approval process.

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