The Prudential Insurance Company History

Since 1873, the Prudential Insurance Company has been providing insurance coverage to those in need. The company was first incorporated at that time as the “Widows and Orphans Friendly Society,” however after two years timeJohn F. Dryden, the founder of the entire organization swapped the name to “The Prudential Friendly Society.” In 1877, the name officially becameThe Prudential Insurance Company of America and has stuck ever since.

From Prudential’s first prospectus, the company’s goal was to provide “Relief in sickness and accident for people of meager means, pensions for old age, adult and infant burial funds.” The original goals were tailored to the specific needs of the new crop of immigrants arriving to the United States, and still stands true today.

Prudential has now grown into one of the largest diversified financial institutions in the world. Not only can consumers get policies with Prudential insurance rates, the company also offers investment opportunities, residential real estate related businesses, provides employee benefits and is a home mortgage lender.

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