How Travelers Insurance is Faring on the Dow Jones

In a bold move to strengthen the economy this June, The Travelers Companies was admitted to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The addition of Travelers, who generated $25 billion in sales last year, was done to diversify the holdings of the index. Travelers helped fill some of the void createdby Citibank’s removal from the index this year and the gaping hole left behind fromlast year’s AIG dismissal.

Even though Travelers is a distinguished provider of casualty and property insurance, it’s performance in the market is a mixed bag. At this point experts cannot determine the future for the Dow’s most recent addition as the first indicators where very promising, but now the results are somewhat lagging. It could be that investors are wary of Travelers addition to the roster as the company represents there-cooperating American financial sector.

Traveler’s performance on the Dow should be no indicator for the Traveler insurance rates policy holders will be charged. Factors such as property value, benefit size, location and other statistical information are the greater determinants for rate information.