February is Aggressive Driving Month Drive Safely

CURE Auto Insurance is celebrating Februarys Aggressive Driving Month by promoting safe driving. According to a recent survey conducted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aggressive driving is responsible for six million crashes in the United States each year.

To make drivers aware of the dangers of aggressive driving and how it could affect safety and auto insurance, CURE is offering the following tips for safe driving.

1. Know the Warning Signs

It’s important to recognize the signs of aggressive driving from other drivers such as using excessive speed, frequently changing lanes, failing to use proper signals, tailgating, failing to yield to the right of way or disregarding traffic signals.

2. Know What to Do If You Encounter an Aggressive Driver

For safety and auto insurance purposes, you want to be as safe as possible on the road, so if you see the warning signs above, it’s good to keep your distance, do not pass unless you have to andchange lanes only when you see it’s safe. If you feel threatened by an aggressive driver, you should call 911.

3. Avoid Becoming an Aggressive Driver

Sometimes conditions on the road can trigger aggression in you. To avoid having this happen, keep your emotions in check, don’t take your frustrations out on other drivers and always plan excursions so that there is time for delays.

4. Don’t Compete or Retaliate

Another suggestion is to avoid competing or retaliating if a driver annoys you. Instead of trying to educate or compete, keep your emotions in check and leave traffic enforcement to the police.

5. Don’t Trigger Aggression

It is possible to accidentally trigger aggression in other drivers by failing to yield, blocking traffic, speeding, tailgating or driving while distracted.

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