Mobile Home Insurance

If your dwelling is considered to be a mobile or manufactured home (referring to homes built afterJune 15, 1976), typical homeowner’s insurance will not apply and specialty coverage for your living situation will be required.Buying mobile home insurance is like shopping for any other type of home insurance policy. You need to be able to properly assess the value of your property as well as decide how much coverage you need to ensure that you can cover any damages to your home.

Basic Mobile Home Protection

With a policy in place you will have protection for:

  • Mobile Home Structure: Based on the situation, you will receive compensation for damage caused directly to your mobile home as well as additional structures on your property like a shed or a garage.
  • Personal Property Protection: If your material possessions are lost or damaged, you can receive compensation for the loss.
  • Family Liability Protection: Even the most well-intentioned person can be saddled with a lawsuit, and some mobile home insurance policies provide a level of protection against judgments.
  • Guest Medical Protection: If entertaining in your manufactured home is a must, your mind can be at ease, as your insurance level of protection for their medical expenses directly related to an injury on your property.
  • Additional Living Expenses: If a worst case scenario makes your home uninhabitable, you can receive a level of compensation to offset the expenses associated with temporary housing.

The level of protection offered varies from insurer to insurer. When shopping for a manufactured home insurance policy you need to take your time, comparison-shop and read all the details of the policy to ensure that what matters most to you has a level of protection. At that point you may discover that additional riders may be required for liability protection, coverage from flood damage or high value items like computers and jewelry.